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Gangotri glacier lies at a height of 4138 mts and extends as far as Gaumukh. The River Ganga, here known as Bhagirathi, gently comes out of the Glacier in the form of a stream. An 18th century temple dedicated to the goddess Ganga, Stands on the Right Bank.

According to the legend, king Sagar after slaying the demon son earth decided to stage an Ashwamedh Yagya as proclamation of his supremacy.

The horse which was to be taken on an uninterrupted journey around the earth was to be accompanied by the king’s sixty thousand sons born to Queen Sumati and one son Asmanjas born of the second queen Kesani.

Indra supreme ruler of the Gods feared that he might be deprived of his celestial throne in the “Yagya” succeeded and then took away the horse and tied it to the ashram of the Sage Kapil, who was then in deep meditation.
The sons of king Sagar searched for the horse and finally found it tied near the meditating Sage. Sixy thousand angry sons of king Sagar stormed the ashram of the sage Kapil. When he opened his eyes , all the sixty thousand sons perished by the curse of sage Kapil.

Bhagirath, the grand son of king Sagar, is believed to have meditate to bring down the Ganga which brought back to the sixty thousand sons into life. to have meditate to bring down the Ganga which brought back to the sixty thousand sons into life.
What to see :
» Temple

The 18th century’s temple dedicated to Goddess Ganga ia an exquisite 20 ft. high structure made of white granite stone. The sacred stone The Bhagirathi ‘Shila’ is located near the temple where the holy Ganga first descended on the earth from heaven. The other places of pilgrimage are Surya kund, Vishnu kund and Brahama kund located in vicinity of Gangotri.
» Gaumukh

The Gangotri glacier, situated at the heights of 4255 m above sea level, is nearly 24 kms. in length and 2 kms. wide, it starts from beyond the Chaukhamba cluster of snow peak, in the neighborhood of Badrinath & extends as far as Gaumukh. Almost 18 kms. northeast of Gangotri, Gaumukh is generally accepted as the physical source of the holy river Ganga.

The verdant valleys and towering peaks offer excellent trekking and mountaineering opportunities.
» Nandanvan and Tapovan

An arduous trek along the Gangotri glacier leads to scenic Nandanvan – the base camp for Bhagirathi peaks, that offers a panoramic view of the surrounding Shivling peak. A trek across the snout of the Gongotri glacier leads to Tapovan known for its beautiful meadows that encircle the base of the shivling peak.
» Dharali

16 kms. downstream of Gangotri lies the township of Dharali, where also, it is believed that king Bhagirath had undergone penance. There one may see the submerged remains of a temple, termed Kedar Kund.
» Gangnani

Hot water spring are encountered at Gangnani 56 km. from Gangotri on the road to Uttarakashi, near the tank called Rishi-kund is a temple dedicated to the Parasher, believed to be father of Ved Vayas, author of Mahabharat.
» Kedartal

An enhancing lake, 4425 mts. Above sea level against the splendid backdrop of mighty Thalaiyasagar peak at a distance of 8 kms. .. Accessible through a rough mountain trail, it is the base camp for trekking to surrounding peaks. Local guide recommended for the Kedartal trek.
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